What you should wear on your first day in the office to make a good impression

A great way to approach life is to do the right things at the right time. When we do this, it becomes easier for us to take each moment as they come, constant doing the small actions that are required for us at that moment to get a gigantic result at the end of some time as those continuous small efforts over time are all that is required to make our big dreams come true.

In our process of doing the small things that matter, one of the concepts that are emphasized is the importance of the first impression. It is believed that a great first impression will go a long way to give a good reputation to the person that achieves it if they subsequently didn’t maintain the standard or make mistakes. On the other hand, it is believed that a mistake or intentional misbehaviour while giving the first impression could hurt for a long time no matter how good the person is subsequently. This is why we should never take opportunities to give first impressions for granted. Doing the right thing during that first impression opportunity is all that we will need to write our name in gold in the heart of many people.

One of the opportunities we are going to have to give the first impression is when we are entering an office for the first time. It could be that we are an employee and an office has been allocated to us or it could be that we are the owner of the business and the business is starting for the first time. It could also be that we were invited to an office as a guest or client for the first time. Hence, irrespective of our position or the reason why we are going to an office for the first time, we should strive to provide a great first impression.

If you are wondering what to wear to an office to give a good first impression, then they are discussed subsequently.

Formal clothing

When going to an office for the first time and we want to create a good first impression, we should dress formerly. This implies that we should put on formal attire, which for men should be a minimum of a long sleeve shirt and trousers. The shirt should be tucked in. This should be the least that you should be wearing. For the first time, you might want to wear a plain white shirt instead of appearing in other colours, which is still okay.  However, the white will make you appear clean and neat. It could further give the impression that you are a neat person. You might also want to opt for a suit to appear formal.


You should wear formal shoes as well. This applies to both male and you should be sure that the shoes go well with your clothing. If you are looking for where to buy the right clothing and shoes, you should read a list of fashion companies’ reviews including Newchic reviews UKto know where to buy fashion products that can help you make the best first impression.

Other accessories

There are several other accessories that you can put on to complement the cloth and shoes that you are putting on. For males, you could consider a good belt and tie. The belt helps with holding your trouser into place while allowing you to further make a fashion statement. The tie will increase the formality of your wear. You should also consider putting on a wristwatch as a male. For females, apart from their clothes and shoes, jewellery and wristwatch among others are some of the best accessories. Both males and females should also not forget to smell nice by using the right fragrance, while the women should remember using the right makeup.