What Are The Primary Advantages Of A Tile Roof Installation?

You can visit many communities throughout the state of Florida, where you will pretty much only see tile roofs. Tile roof replacements are so prevalent in Florida primarily because of stunning beauty and how durable they are compared to other roofing materials. It is a much-needed benefit for a place that experiences hurricanes. Tile for many homeowners feels exotic, as it is not used anywhere near as much in non-sub-tropical areas of the U.S., this also contributes to why people place more value in them.  Let’s explore in more depth the reasons so many homeowners select tile roofing. 


Remarkable is a good word used to describe how a tile roof looks. Tile roofs are, in many opinions, the most beautiful type of roofing material that can be used. The ancient look of tile is quite alluring and harkens back to centuries past imitating classic European structures. 


In the roofing industry, only metal can compete with tile in terms of its strength. Tile roofs can resist fire, insects, rot, and can withstand intense temperatures, making it perfect for hot summers in Florida. Another benefit is that they are resistant to corrosion from salt, and with many houses in Florida so close to the beach, this is a big selling point. But perhaps, the most significant durability consideration is how well tile fairs against hurricane-force gusts.


One of the reasons tile roof installations have gained such popularity is because of the breadth of variety in coloration and designs.  There are numerous types of tile, such as Spanish tile, French tile, true barrel tile, and another popular tile in south Florida being scalloped.  Of course, there are more than the aforementioned, but the point is clear, there is a lot of variety in the realm of tile roofing.

FPL Friendly  

Tile roofing has a high thermal mass, which in turn aids the tiles to do a better job of regulating the home’s temperature.  This improved temperature regulation results in saving money on the cost of power.

Sensible Investment  

While installing a tile roof is more costly upfront for both the labor and materials, over the long haul, when you consider cost per year of use, a tile roof is much more affordable. With tile, you’ll almost assuredly never need to replace your roof again. Perhaps the smartest part of this choice is that it will increase your home’s value. 

Hopefully, you can see, there are several benefits to installing a tile roof in Florida. Whether you are looking to bump up your home appearance or looking for advanced assistance against devastating hurricane-force winds, a tile roof in Florida will almost always be a wise investment.  When considering the beauty, overall year to year savings increased energy efficiency, longevity, and strength tile is the way to go