Vankool Launches Solar Technology Air Cooler, VAB18-EQ-5

Healthy living is the desire of everyone. The healthy life you want can be obtained from anywhere, in addition to nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle, it turns out the Air cooler can also provide unexpected benefits.

Behind its contribution to global warming, Air cooler still has benefits that you can receive, besides its main function as an air cooler.

Curious what are the benefits of using Air cooler for your health? Come on, list benefits if you using a product from Vankool Air Cooler below!

Function / Benefits of Air cooler for Health

1. Overcoming Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a condition where your body temperature rises dramatically due to exposure to excessive heat. The use of using Air cooler can be a solution to lower your body temperature and body temperature stability.

From the cold air released by the using Air cooler, body temperature will quickly return to normal.

2. Increase Productivity

Previously mentioned, the use of using Air cooler in a room can provide comfort to someone. In comfortable conditions like this, a person will tend to work or move with a comfortable heart and mind as well.

Different in hot conditions. The heat can cause you to quickly fatigue and stress, so you can not think clearly.

If you live in an area with high humidity, plus hot temperatures during the day. This can reduce the quality of breath.

The reason is that the condition causes stress on the heart and cardiovascular function, thereby increasing the risk of a heart attack.

Now, If you already know the benefits of Air Cooler for the health of the body and mind. Yes, although it is undeniable that there are also negative impact Air Coolerts from the use of air conditioners. Therefore, use solar cooler VAB18-EQ from Vankool wisely.

Vankool Company, one of the companies that focus on air conditioning products, officially introduces the newest type of product line that will be present. The latest type is an air conditioner product for home users, as well as the VAB18-EQ type for commercial use.

3. Improve Air Quality

using Air cooler can filter out pollution. This ability will improve air quality in the room. The good air quality will certainly launch and can prevent respiratory disturbances.

But remember, this condition only applies if your air conditioner is clean, a dirty air conditioner will only harm health.

4. Reducing Asthma and Allergies

Previously explained that using Air cooler can improve air quality. Well, good air quality can also keep you from asthma and allergies.

The use of air conditioners can eliminate pollution, bacteria, and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew which can cause asthma or allergies.

5. Elements for Relaxation

A soothing air conditioner will provide comfort and reduce the stress level of a person. To get even more relaxation, you can add classical music and aromatherapy candles whose aroma will be spread by the wind from the air conditioner.

If you are interested in using the VAB18-EQ-5 solar cooler from Vankool, here are some of the specifications:

Type VAB18-EQ-5 with 0.3 mm thinness on the standard gap between panels and openings offers high-class quality with 1Hz Inventer technology, which allows air conditioners to work with quiet sound and noise levels of only 65 dB, and more power-efficient. Design and aluminum alloy material, this type also runs with a shower system that allows cold air to reach up to the entire space evenly. Also, the VAB18-EQ-5 can be controlled remotely using Wi-Fi or wireless 2.4G radio frequency flow. This control can be set intelligently using the default application VAB18-EQ-5 for smartphones. Another thing that is an advantage for this type is its ability to cool the room even in a room with a temperature of 54 degrees.

Type VAB18-EQ is an air-conditioning product equipped with Photovoltaic Inverter VRF System technology and VAB18-EQ-5. This photovoltaic technology utilizes solar power panels to absorb solar thermal energy into power for air conditioning to save power. Another interesting thing is the energy from the solar power panels can be used to become a water heater with this VAB18-EQ-5 Home technology. The technology also allows users to control the Controller Area Networks Bus system, where the system will monitor and adjust the temperature in each room that requires different temperature conditions.

In addition to introducing a new type of unit, Vankool also guarantees a guarantee of up to 5 years from the initial purchase for wall-mounted and non-inventer types. For floor standing and commercial types, the guarantee is for 3 years from the initial purchase.

For VAB18-EQ types that use Photovoltaic Inverter VRF System technology and VAB18-EQ-5 Home, prices can vary depending on the specifications needed in a project.

With the conditions of the times, Vankool is demanded to be able to maintain health, comfort, efficiency, save energy on its users, and be friendly to the environment.

VAB18-EQ-5 Home brings the VRF system photovoltaic inverter technology that utilizes photovoltaic solar panels to absorb solar thermal energy so that it can save electricity. The technology used by the VAB18-EQ-5 Home is equipped with 5 operating modes, namely photovoltaic AC, photovoltaic AC & power generation mode, power grid & photovoltaic, PV power generation, and normal AC.

To improve the performance of the air conditioner technology of this VRF system photovoltaic inverter, Gree also installed maximum power point tracking technology, pulse amplitude-width modulation, ternary converting, and 3D.

Maximum power point tracking or MPPT is useful so that VAB18-EQ-5 Home can produce maximum power. The pulse amplitude-width modulation technology provides flexibility to control the electrical frequency and pressure of the centrifugal inverter compressor as needed. While ternary converting technology supports five operating modes that this air conditioner has.

Another technology, 3D, can absorb solar thermal energy up to 99%. Not to forget, Vankool also installed a system controller area networks bus that can be adjusted to adjust the temperature in each area according to different needs. This technology has silent and very quiet modes with noise levels reaching 45 dB.

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