Recognize Signage as a Promotion Media

When crossing a city center, we often find the sign of a place, shop, company or institution. And for the type of writing, the color of the writing and the material are also very different. And to attract more attention, eye contact will definitely prefer a nameplate that has an appeal and also has a variety of colors. And now there is a sign that is loved by many people and that is signage. Although the signage industry itself is not many among the public, most companies have used it. On, you can find a variety of the best signage models that you can apply as an identity or promotional media for your business.

The signage itself is a form of writing that almost resembles a relief so that it will look like a 3D form. Generally, letters arise often used by a company, hotel, restaurant and also can be a certain product name. This will obviously be of interest to many people because it will have more tangible and more impressive effects. That will also make us able to describe the company we see from the type of writing.

Types of Signage

Besides signage will look more elegant compared to the usual writing or can be called only has one dimension. The material used to make letters arise is very diverse. And of course, it will also have advantages and disadvantages of each, even also has a price that is certainly different from each of these ingredients.

  1. Galvanic

This is a signage material that is more durable than other materials. The coloring process is still using spray techniques and is also equipped with scratch-resistant so that the signage material on this one does not require special care.

  • Stainless Steel

This material is anti-rust material which is also good for use as signage material. This material is very easy to form, moreover it does not require repacking because it has anti-rust material.

  • Acrylic or Mica

This material is also very easy to form, not only that this material can also be equipped with a board lamp which can make it more attractive and also striking.

Currently, signage has begun to enjoy doing by the wider community so that now too many are offering this service. For the price of each making their own signage also varies depending on the material that will be used and also the shape that later will be made. If the material used is long-lasting and also minimal from maintenance, of course, the price will be even higher.