7 Myths of Color Wall Paint That Is Not Well Followed. Is it True?

During this time, you must often read about the color of the house and its effect on yourself. He said, if you paint red wall paint in the kitchen and dining room, you can get fat quickly because you will continue to feel hungry. Then if you choose blue, you can tend to feel calm. Is this a myth or a fact huh?

Let’s try to find out the truth in the review below. If you already know, you will be more confident later on to choose the color of wall paint for the interior of your home. If you are looking for the best professional painters, just visit malerkanonen.dk.

Pink and Orange Wall Paint, Taboo!

Many people say that combining certain colors, one of which is pink and orange is taboo. Myth or fact? Apparently, it’s just a myth. This was said by interior designer Liz Williamz, as quoted from the Houzz site. According to him, there are no specific restrictions in combining colors for the interior. Pink and orange colors that have different nuances will instead provide an attractive visual feel and provide good energy. So, don’t be afraid to choose it!

Dark Ceiling Colors That Are Not Allowed!

Paint ceiling with a dark color mentioned will make the room become cramped and narrow. He said the ceiling of the house will appear shorter if you daub it with black, dark blue, and other dark spectrums. This isn’t right! If you can apply it correctly, the results obtained are just the opposite. Try matching a dark ceiling with matching wall paint with a brighter tone. The combination of matching colors with different brightness levels will make an interesting contrast. The result, the ceiling room will appear higher.

White Wall Paint is Very Boring

Many say that white wall paint will make you bored quickly. Actually, this one also depends on the other supporting elements in the room. If you place a variety of decorations with contrasting colors, you won’t even feel this!

Red Wall Paint Makes Hungry

Red is said to be the color that triggers the appetite to rise. Apparently, this is not a myth, because there are studies that have proven it. Even so, do not fail to use this color in the kitchen or dining room, because you can outsmart it! So as not to affect yourself too much, try matching it with accent decorations with contrasting colors. For example, a chandelier or a plant. The dining room and kitchen must be getting warmer.

Dark Color Wall Paint Makes Room Narrow

Dubbing colors with a dark spectrum will make a small room. Is that right or not? The answer is apparently not forever! If the room gets good natural light and is combined with other contrasting colors, that won’t happen.

Blue Paint for Calming Rooms

Yes, this one turned out to be true. But the blue color you chose is not haphazard. Colors like turquoise, deep indigo and other pastel nuances can calm the atmosphere of the room. Meanwhile, shades of blue with shades will actually have the opposite effect.

The Neutral Color Wall Paint …

The neutral colors are only beige, gray and beige. That’s just a myth! Still, according to Liz Williams, neutral colors can also be referred to as colors that are inspired by nature. For example, soft green and blue.