5 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Game Strong During Uncertain Times

By: Elizabeth Jeter

When uncertain times are upon us and we can no longer predict our weekly performance, we begin to consider re-strategizing our marketing game as a means to stay relevant. The last thing we want or need right now is to lose relevancy in our industry and amongst our competitors. 

There are so many things that seem wavering, but here are five ways you can keep your marketing game strong during these unprecedented times.

Acknowledge the hard times, but don’t focus on them too much

We’re all in this together. Nearly every facet of the economy is affected right now during the COVID crisis. However, most of us are looking for some semblance of hope. That’s why it is extremely important for you to not focus too much on the hard times. Show your existing and potential customers that you see the crisis and you’re doing everything you can to push through it while offering them a beacon of positivity. 

Message your clients and offer your support

It’s safe to say these times have been unmatched throughout history. With nearly every event canceled until further notice, there’s not a need to market for upcoming shows or events. Now is the best time to ask yourself, “How can I keep in touch with my clients while offering my support?” Businesses are cutting costs and finding ways to extend every dollar. Is there something you can do to help them? 

Direct mail is one of the best ways to offer a response – coupons, discounts, temporarily free services, mailers and regular newsletters are very easily one of the best ways to offer your services and your support to your current and potential customers! 

 Stay up to date with the marketing trends

Did you have a marketing strategy before the COVID crisis hit? You more than likely did! The best thing you can do is to educate yourself on what’s going on in the marketing world. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine the best marketing strategy during these times:

  • Do you have a COVID response?
  • Do you need a COVID response?
  • Are your clients looking to you as essential? If so, how can you remain a pillar of consistency for them?
  • What is the best way to reach your clients? You may consider social media, email marketing or direct mail!

 Continue to build rapport 

Building rapport is simply one of the best ways to remain relevant. As I mentioned earlier, your customers are going to look to you to be a pillar of consistency. Here are some ways you can continue to build your rapport with them:

  • Keep the conversation going! Even if your doors are closed for now, stay up-to-date on social media and through direct mail! Tag other business colleagues and engage your customers! Show how involved you are. 
  • Stay positive!
  • Stay culturally appropriate. Respect what’s going on in the world and keep the conversation going.
  • If your customers have input or questions, listen and answer! 
  • Share your experiences. When updating your clientele, make sure you share with them what’s going on! They want to know about your business, upcoming services or offers and will be interested to hear how you’re faring. 

 Stay as consistent as ever before

Only posting about the crisis can very quickly come across as hopelessness or rigid near-sightedness. The more positive route would be to remain as consistent as you’ve ever been in your marketing practices. If you send out mailers on a regular basis, continue to do so if you can. Your customers will love to hear from you. Do you have seasonal offers and services? Plan for those in the future while remaining realistic in the present. 

Above all, don’t let these times take your voice away from you. Your business has become a staple in your community for a reason! 

Written By: Elizabeth Jeter – Freelance digital marketer excelling in SEO, paid advertising, social media management and advertising, blogs, email marketing and more.

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